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In the last few years Mexico has grown and in a constant and significative way turning into a more modern and avant-garde-oriented-country at world level. Proof of this is the large number of majestic works of engineering and architecture that can be found throughout the length and breadth of its vast territory, which are regarded today as an example of global innovation: dams, giant suspension bridges and hydroelectric plants, industrial parks and habitats that defy the imagination.

While the development of our architecture and modern engineering keep notable parallels with its counterparts of the United States and Europe, they stand out for its singular characteristics that have defied existing definitions through periods of diverse experimentation and innovation. This makes of our industrial infrastructure and of our architecture something unique in the world.

By incorporating the latest methodologies and the most recent theories, Mexican architects and engineers have been capable of advancing the structural design to an extraordinary level making Mexico scenery of modern infrastructures where future civilizations or complex and fascinating facilities can be staged for any audio-visual science fiction production. In Mexico you can create as many worlds as you are capable of imagining.

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