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Creative industry in Mexico

The Mexican creativity is recognized world-wide. To tap on the potential and the strategic role of the creative industries, the Mexican government is determined to enhance and consolidate Mexico's position as one of the main players in the global creative arena and to turn it into the node, par excellence, for the production of audio-visual and interactive contents of Latin America.

To achieve this, specific ProMéxico-led projects are in progress aiming at the creation of a platform that integrates the efforts of the government, the private sector and the academia to boost the development of the film, television, video games, animation and multimedia industries.

In addition to Mexico's well-known cost-competitive advantage and scenic variety, the country is continuously improving and updating its world-class infrastructure, State-of-the Art technology, qualified labor force and internationally-recognized talent. Mexico is now more than ever a leading destination in the creative production.

Competitive advantages

Our country has natural beauty and scenic variety that turns it into the 10th tourist destination on a global scale and an ideal place for shooting locations.

According to the KPMG report, "Competitive Alternatives 2010", Mexico is ranked as the destination with the biggest competitive advantage for the development of software, video games, Web and multimedia, compared to 102 countries. The list considers the principal competitiveness variables: logistics costs, labor and transport costs, among other factors.

"In Mexico there is a lot of talent and creativity. There are many success stories of videogame and animation development projects in the country, all of great quality." Jorgelina Peciña, PR and MKT Manager America Latina, Gameloft.

Mexico offers preferred commercial conditions, like tariff exclusion for import of temporary equipment, derived from the country's trade agreements and treaties, like the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

More than 130 thousand international flights come to Mexico annually from all continents. Our country possesses world-class telecommunications infrastructure and urban nodes connected by high speed broad band. As well as 24-hour electric energy supply without interruptions.

Highly-skilled labor

Mexico offers the world a young and highly skilled labor force. In our country close to 125 thousand students a year graduate in the areas of engineering, technology, humanities and education, from specialized academic programs, such as:

  • Animation and digital design

  • Filmmaking

  • Digital communication

  • Communication in virtual media

  • Design of Image and Sound

  • Interactive design

  • Engineering in digital media

  • Interactive engineering in animation

There are more than 900 postgraduate programs in the areas of engineering and technology in Mexican universities.

Mexico is the ninth world talent hub in IT and it is the most important "pool" of technological talent in America.

The vast majority of professionals in Mexico speak English as second language.

Goverment Industry-Specific Support Programs and Initiattives

The industry, the Federal Government and ProMéxico work as a team to develop an integral support program to boost the full potential of the creative industries of the. These are the government signature initiatives:

  • Digital Creative City, will be a node of global competitiveness for the audio-visual and interactive production, with world-class infrastructure and technology capable of developing major creative projects of the industry and with a capacity to lodge more than 10 thousand creative artists.

  • Support Program for the High Impact Audio-visual Industry, an initiative headed by the Federal Government that ranges from an incentives scheme (The ProAV Fund) to a governmental platform of attention to the industry.

  • Development of guides specializing in film and audio-visual production.

  • Integration of a national chain of industry provider services.

  • Creation of an exportable creative projects portfolio.

  • Offer of better schemes of protection of the intellectual property.