10 Reasons

Mexico: 10 reasons
  1. World-competitive economic incentives, specifically designed to service the film and audio-visual production.

  2. Competitive production that translates in significant savings.

  3. Ease and certainty in procedures related to shooting on location permit-processing with all government agencies thanks to inter-institution agreements signed to offer a committed and integral film-friendly collaboration.

  4. Mexico's geographic position offers a strategic advantage being a direct industrial corridor to the world's largest center of film and audio-visual production of the world.

  5. World-class infrastructure that includes soundstages for grand scale productions and the world's largest aquatic stage.

  6. Being the fourth biodiversity of the world, Mexico offers an incredible variety of locations.

  7. Mexico offers the services of world-class post-production, visual effects VFX and sound edition studios, with Lucasfilm THX® certification.

  8. Highly-skilled staff with world-acknowledged experience and recognition for their efficient performance in international productions.

  9. Mexico offers worldwide recognized acting talent, with multicultural experience, ready to work in different cultural environments and languages.

  10. Mexico is the best host and its trademark hospitality offers visitors the best work environment and experience. Mexico is a film-friendly country by definition.