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Creative industry in Mexico

Mexico has been one of Hollywood's first film destinations since John Huston filmed his classic The Treasure of the Sierra Madre in our mountains, back in 1948. Mexico has a great filmmaking tradition having hosted a wealth of grand scale studio productions as well as films of its own Golden Era.

After seven decades Mexico has built a reputation and track record for delivering excellence to filmmakers, both in terms of production value and quality, and the most competitive cost. Our clients keep coming back because they know they can trust in the potential and the capacity of Mexico. We have the talent, the resources, the technology, the creative powerhouse and an exceptional customer service nation-wide to ensure that every production is filmed as it was imagined by their filmmakers and to help in every way possible to have the shoot in Mexico completed on time and within budget.

Producing an average of 50 films a year, Mexico is, now more than ever, a one-stop shop for all kinds of productions: beautiful and versatile landscapes, world-recognized film experience, highly skilled technicians and creative personnel, State-of-the-Art sound stage infrastructure, equipment rental companies, production companies, globally-competitive incentives and financial schemes, co-production agreements with other countries and above all, the warmth of its people, Mexico is the film-friendly country by definition.

In this section Film-Friendly Mexico offers you a wealth of key information, from Incentives and Financing, Production Guide, Production Services and also a feedback wrap-up space so you can tell us about your film experience in Mexico and share with us your comments on how we can improve our film production services.